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20 Questions: Patrick Hughes

Patrick Hughes

20 Questions launched today with an interview with Patrick Hughes.

Widely regarded as one of the major painters of British contemporary art, Hughes has been investigating perspective, optics and illusion for 40 years. He coined the term "reverspective"—a contraction of "reverse" and "perspective"—to describe his three-dimensional sculptured paintings that appear to move as the viewer walks past them. Surreal landscapes studded with panel doors, galleries filled with meticulously replicated works by other artists, and rooms lined with books and bookcases interact with the viewer, slowly revealing new vistas and shifting perspectives.

Inspired in particular by Paul Klee and René Magritte, his works are part of many public collections including the Tate Gallery, London; the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, and the Deutsche National Bibliothek, Frankfurt am Main. He has been represented by Flowers Gallery London since 1970, and in San Francisco, his work can be seen at Scott Richards Contemporary Art. Hughes lives with his third wife in a flat above his studio in London.

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